This breakdown shows some of the costs I have incurred on products used for the creation of the free software made available on the downloads page:
Costs Donations

6/6/96 Borland Delphi v2.0 $-177
3/21/96 Roland Sound Canvas SC-88VL $-733
9/28/98 Borland Delphi v4.0 upgrade $-274
1998 Roland CM-32L $-30
8/1/99 Sony VAIO PCV-R528DS $-2,273
2000 Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850 $-750
1/16/02 Sony VAIO PCV-RX590G $-2,500
11/30/03 Adobe Video Collection $-864
5/21/04 Adobe Video Collection upgrade $-275
7/9/04 Roland D-110 $-53
8/15/05 Borland Delphi 2005 upgrade $-424

12/17/2004 Anonymous $10
1/10/2005 Mike Rathbone $20
4/2/2005 Jeff Schell $40
1/16/2006 Anonymous $25
5/11/2006 Anonymous $30
2/9/2007 Anonymous $5

Balance $-8,223

Clearly it's an expensive hobby, but I do enjoy helping people in the video, MIDI and VAIO communities.

Borland Delphi is the development environment I use to write software.

The Roland sound modules are what I use to dabble in music. I also use them for testing software I write for the MIDI community.

The VAIO R528DS was my first development machine. It is now my Web server from which you received this page and from where you download my software.

The VAIO RX590G is my current development machine. Although top of the range at the time I bought it, it is beginning to show its age with quirks and complaints. :(

I bought the Adobe Video Collection primarily for Premiere Pro and Encore, but Audition has come in quite handy. I have not had the time to invest in learning After Effects yet. I am actively involved in the Premiere Pro forums, which prompted me to write the Premiere Pro Keyboard Viewer and the Timecode Frame Generator software.