Adobe® Premiere® Pro Title File Creator version 1.1

Use this utility to create multiple title files from a single template title file and a text file of title text.

Use the following steps:
1. Create a title in Premiere Pro and call it something like "TemplateTitle.prtl"
1a. If you are using Premiere Pro 2.0 or later you will need to save the title to a file on disk.
2. Use the Area Type tool (not the Type* tool) to create the text you want to replace. Format the text as desired, remembering that the text that will get replaced may be longer or shorter than the text used to replace it.
3. Open the Title File Creator utility.
4. Click on the button under "Template" and choose the template title file you created in the first step.
4.1. Choose the specific text you want to replace, if there is more than one line of text.
5. Click the button under "Title text" and choose the text file that has the text of the titles you want to create.
6. Click the button under "Output" and choose the folder where you want to create your titles and type a few characters to serve as a prefix for all your titles.
7. Choose how you want to name your titles:
7.1. Choose "Use numbered files" to add a sequential number to the prefix for each file.
7.2. Choose "Use title text for file names" to add the text of the title to the prefix. (Because a limited number of characters are valid for filenames, any character that is not a number or a letter is replaced with an underscore.)
7.3. Choose "use title text without prefix" to do the same as the previous option but without the prefix your specified in step 7.
8. Click on the "Create title files" button to create the titles.

*If you use the Type tool, titles will get truncated (cut off) if they are longer than your template text.

Note that this is not a plug-in for Premiere Pro but a separate, stand-alone utility.

Download the utility from the Downloads page.