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I'm a Southern California boy, born and bred. But I don't surf, I don't wear designer sunglasses, and I think biscotti is nothing more than overpriced, stale cookies.

My childhood included writing stories and plays, acting, making films, creating puppet shows--anything I could think of to escape suburbia. I had a blast and my parents had headaches.

In adolescence, I honed my acting and writing skills. I worked in community theater, spent a summer studying theatre across the pond at Cambridge and took regular treks to New York City to see, study and keep current with the Broadway scene. I was ready to go.

College Interuptus...where I was reduced to Broadway soundtracks and movie rentals as I forged through academia--in a blind rush--until I got a Masters in Education and realized, quite suddenly, that teaching high school for the rest of my life sounded like Dante's Inferno. Every level.

I moved to the Hollywood area, got my bearings and eventually started to write and act again. It was a long process, but in the years that followed, I had my first play produced, my first screenplay optioned and my first poem, editorial and novel published. I also was cast in my first feature film and made my television and web debuts as well. Heck, I even produced & directed my first feature film.

So I'm older and wiser, doing it all and loving it. But I'm still the same wide-eyed dreamer I was way back when. I try to put a little of that in all my work. I hope you enjoy it.
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