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by Gregory Blair
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The Andrews Raid poster

True story behind the creation of the Medal of Honor: an attempt to end the Civil War by the most outrageous train robbery ever imagined.
Based on an original story by Harry Eisenberg

The Apocalypse of James poster

A shy puppeteer realizes he is at the center of an insidious chain of events transforming the world into a hellish domain of monsters and madness.
Co-authored with Christoph Kulling

Beasts of the Field poster BEASTS OF THE FIELD
(Survival Drama/Horror)
An amateur expedition to find and film the legendary Thunderbird becomes a fight for survival against the elements, psychopaths and creatures unknown.
Based on an original screenplay by Brentt Slabchuck
Produced by Cut to the Chase Productions!
Behind the Smile poster

(Biographical Drama)
The rags to riches story of pioneer actress Hattie McDaniel--the first African American to win an Academy Award despite tragedy in her personal life and an ugly battle with the NAACP.
Now in pre-production with Hillionare Productions!

Blood Blossom poster

(Suspense Drama)
When two estranged sisters reunite, their lives become mired in drama, deception and murder.
Coauthored with Daryl Hajek, based on his novel

Buford's All Night Zmobie Diner poster

The graveyard shift at a lone diner becomes the hilarious, raucous battleground for some disco-dancing, man-eating zombies and a handful of young, hick hash-slingers.
~Winner, Script World Screenplay Competition

The Bunny Plot poster

(Black Comedy)
A sweet young killer joins forces with a foliage friendly funeral worker to re-use her remains to make his mulch. ("Heathers" meets "Little Shop of Horrors")
~Finalist, Scr(i)pt Magazine’s Open Door Screenplay Competition

Cold Lang Syne poster

Three lovable ladies must become their own private investigators when the police begin to suspect them for a series of murders in their retirement community.
~Based on the novel by Francis Metzman

Cold Lang Syne poster

Four old college friends and their significant others gather at a remote cabin for a New Year's Eve party. A storm traps them for the night with old wounds, new secrets...
... and a killer.
~Based on the stage play "Cold Lang Syne", also by Gregory Blair

The Convalescing poster

A haunted live-in caregiver discovers strange mysteries surrounding his current patient--mysteries that he tries to solve before his own mental and physical health ironically collapse.

Convenient Living poster

A blissful newlywed begins to notice odd things about the seemingly perfect community in which she lives and realizes there is something horrible going on...something she must discover before it's too late!
~Winner 2021 Impact Award: Human Condition, The Most Important Films International Film Festival

Craving poster

When a drug deal goes south, four heroin addicts barricade themselves in a country bar as the cops close in, withdrawal takes hold and a secret one of them hides threatens to destroy them all.
Co-authored with Jason Horton

Cupid Must Be Laughing poster

(Romantic Comedy)
A lovable loser takes a modern day love potion which backfires, creating a circus of misplaced affections, jealous plots and multiple mixed-up complications of the heart
~Finalist, Screenplay Competition

The Damaged Ones poster

An abuse victim turned lawyer loses a case against a serial molester and decides to get revenge on those who let it happen as her partner from long ago unknowingly becomes the cop on her trail.
Based on an original screenplay by Brentt Slabchuck
Currently in development with Cut to the Chase Productions!

Dead Hamptons poster

A detective's research into an unsolved murder leads to a mysterious and deadly chain of events where obfuscation is the name of the game.
Based on an idea by Steve Migdol
Currently in development with SOS Productions!

Deadly Revisions poster DEADLY REVISIONS
Hypnotherapy brings horror to an amnesiac writer who must discover if the terrifying visions from his past are real or imagined...before they endanger his present!
Released by SGL Entertainment!
"Best Picture" (Flicker Awards)
"Best Feature Film" (L.A. Movie Award)
"Best Feature Film Screenplay" (Terror Film Festival)
The Desperate poster THE DESPERATE
When their illegal attempts to get cash go horribly wrong, an unlikely couple ends up on the run from the cops, a vigilante mother and a psychotic black-market organ dealer.
(“Bonnie and Clyde” meets “Fargo”)
Based on an original screenplay by Brentt Slabchuck

Development Hell poster DEVELOPMENT HELL
or “In Hollywood, No One Can Hear You Scream”
A young writer gets more than he bargained for when a mysterious production company agrees to option his script.
(“Adaptation” meets “The Devil’s Advocate”)
Duplicitous poster DUPLICITOUS
A would-be film star’s perfect plan to kill off her competition takes unexpected turns, trapping her in a web of mystery and horror she must unravel before the final reel of her own sanity.
Based on a story idea by Jenn Nangle

The Ebb & Flow of Us poster THE EBB AND FLOW OF US
Sequel to “Still Life”: familiar faces mix with new ones as we continue down the several roads of our Los Angelinos friends where hilarity and heartbreak still fill the days.
~Honorable Mention, Underexposed Screenplay Competition
The Fashion Bug poster THE FASHION BUG
When a research scientist gets a contagious sense of style as a side effect of his latest discovery, he sets the fashion world on its ear...and a nefarious agency on his heels...and he'll need more than the right accessories to set things right.
Based on an idea by Anna Russell.
Garden Party Massacre poster GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE
A festive gathering of friends goes horribly awry when an unexpected guest shows up. With a pickaxe. And an attitude.
Released by SGL Entertainment!
"Best Feature" (FANtastic Horror Film Festival), "Best Film" (Lucky Strike Film Festival)
"Best Comedy" (Artists & Aliens Film Festival), "Outstanding Horror/Comedy Feature" (L.A. Academy of Film Awards)
...and more!
Nightshade poster NIGHTSHADE
(Period Social Drama/Horror)
Several women become locked in a mire of lies, murder, and accusations of witchcraft; one of them--barely coming of age--must stand and fight for them all.
Nosferatu poster NOSFERATU
The handsome, seductive Dracula merges with the hideous, inhuman Nosferatu in the ultimate vampire tale.
Based on Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and F.W. Murnau’s film “Nosferatu”
The Prophet of Sleep poster THE PROPHET OF SLEEP
(Biographical Drama)
The strange tale of a modest farm boy who becomes famous as an adult for his psychic abilities--most notably "seeing" inside people's bodies to diagnoses ailments and prescribe cures..without any medical schooling at all.
Radical Morality poster RADICAL MORALITY
When a detective is assigned to protect the next potential victim of a serial killer targeting gays, he finds he must battle not only the psychology of the killer, but the defiance of the potential victim…as well as the ghosts of his own history of homophobia.
Coauthored with Sean Chandler
~Finalist, Square Magazine Script Competition
~Quarter-Finalist, Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
Reign of Madness poster REIGN OF MADNESS
(Epic Drama)
The colorful, turbulent tale of Ludwig of Bavaria II: the “mad” king who promoted Wagner, built fairytale castles, and saved his kingdom from oblivion--but couldn’t save himself from demons and detractors.
~Semi-Finalist, Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
~Quarter-Finalist, Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition
~Quarter-Finalist, BlueCat Screenwriting Competition
Savage of Myth poster SAVAGE OF MYTH
Mayhem breaks out on a trek through the Himalayas when a search for the truth behind a recent, bizarre murder becomes a deadly fight for survival against a ferocious, legendary creature.
Based on an original story by Terry McCarthy
The Set of the Mistfits poster THE SET OF THE MISFITS
(Character Drama)
Fact and fiction blur in a surrealistic, psychological dreamscape as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift film Arthur Miller's "The Misfits".
Shades of Injustice poster SHADES OF INJUSTICE
After moving into an old family home, a civil rights historian and his family must fight the Civil War era ghosts that live there and face the horrifying secrets they reveal.
Based on an original idea by Chase Dudley
The Shifting poster THE SHIFTING
A no-nonsense parapsychologist’s world begins to shift when he discovers, befriends, and risks everything to save a strange boy with mysterious powers and a truly alien view of life.
A woman bound for the noose is given a second chance as a ward in a convent where the mysterious ways of the sisterhood grow darker and more menacing, leading to horrific revelations and deadly consequences.
Rewritten and released as "The Convent"and "Hereticks", starring Michael Ironside and Claire Higgins!
~1st Place Winner, Horror Screenplay Contest
~Semi-Finalist, Shriekfest Screenplay Contest
Smitten poster SMITTEN
(Period Suspense Drama)
A respectable lawyer becomes entangled in the destructive and deadly web of a seductive, amoral modern who has a dark and covert agenda all her own.
Still Life poster STILL LIFE
Several young people pursue their dreams and run in and out of each other’s lives amidst laughter and tears in the heart of Hollywood. It's "Tales of the City" in the City of Angels.
The Strange Effect of Ash poster THE STRANGE EFFECT OF ASH
A young man's morphing, unearthly abilities create tragicomic changes for him and everyone he touches.
~Winner, Screenplay Competition
The Straying poster THE STRAYING
A werewolf escaping capture finds shelter, friendship and more with a reclusive vampire whose existence he may very well destroy.
Switching Geres poster SWITCHING GERES
The battle of the sexes explodes hilariously inside-out as a competing husband and wife wake up one morning trapped inside each other’s body.
~Semi-finalist, Screenplay Competition
Turandot poster TURANDOT
A mysterious stranger with a hidden past and a wounded heart risks his life to end a bloody curse in a kingdom at the mercy of a beautiful but cold-hearted princess.
Based on Puccini's opera.
The Twinings poster THE TWININGS
(Psychological Thriller)
Institutionalized since he was eleven for murdering his parents, Allen Twining returns to his family home to try to live a normal life--only to find ghosts and memories terrorize him with mysterious agendas and fatal results.
Twisted Fortune poster TWISTED FORTUNE
When a cursed object crosses the path of a luckless young woman, she becomes the beneficiary of an old man's imbalance which must be paid in blood.
The Unfamiliars poster THE UNFAMILIARS
After his master dies brutally, a vampire familiar escapes a slow death when he meets a group of other familiars who, through the use of a machine, live free of their master's blood bond...a situation many vampires plot to bring to a bloody end.