Poetry Image

by Gregory Blair


Poetry is a very special kind of writing, often removed from traditional speech patterns and thought processes; the meanings, images and sounds affect our senses in unexpected and emotional ways. Our reaction to a poem is very personal, based on our own psyches. I think that is why it is so profound when we find a poem that touches us. It is a very intimate yet unifying experience, where we and the speaker become as one. It often makes us smile

Here are of few samples of my poetry. I hope you find a smile or two.

Comedic Poems

Me and the Chicken Kiev

Honorable Mention

Gregory Blair Tidbits


haiku II

Dramatic Poems

Sonnet for December

Poetry Died     (published in World Poetry Movement's "Start In Our Hearts".)

The Garden     (published in Poet's Guild "Best New Poems" and the National Library of Poetry's "Tracing Shadows" and "The Isle of View")