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Gregory Blair
2013: The Year in Review
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Gregory at ETOM Awards Red Carpet

Wrapping it more ways than one!

The early part of the year involved post-production for DEADLY REVISIONS, finishing a script for a new film, THE STRAYING and learning my screenplay THE SISTERHOOD (now in pre-production as HERETIKS) was honored by The Bitch Pack for passing the Bechdel Test--a barometer for improving the roles of women in film.

I also signed with Royalty Rope Management, Inc., a management and production company. After seeing me in a showcase and calling me in for a meeting, the lead manager Sean Dubravac said: "Why aren't you famous?" I said "I don't know. You'll fix that." He nodded, smiling.

Some of last year's work came out this Spring. My uptight director in OOGA BOOGA made his debut as did my several appearances in Season 2 of OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS. I also had amazingly fun times as a guest on the radio show "On The Set With Jasper Cole" and the podcasts "Straight Talk" and "The Voice Of Horror Radio".

Then I learned I was nominated for an EOTM Award for my work directing DEADLY REVISIONS! Who knew they gave awards out for the actual directing and not just the finished product! What a great idea! And just as the film came out of editing!

April had me in cast in a reading of a horror film called THE GATHERING FOG. I played a vituperative and petulant baddy named Peter. Before my gory death at the hero's hands, I got to snarl: "I'll see you in Hell!" I've always wanted to say that! ;)

The next month found me in a hilarious role on LOVE THAT GIRL. I play Weird Wendell--a crazy neighbor who's a cross between Christopher Lloyd from Taxi and Kramer from Seinfeld. They loved me so much, they made my character a recurring role!

At the EOTM Awards, I won the honor of "Best Director of an Indie Horror Film"! I was in amazing company: other winners included Marla Gibbs, Barbara Niven, Vincent Ward, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Evgeny Afineevsky…and my friend Dawna Lee Heising! You can see me stammering an acceptance speech here. I also got to hit up the annual Shriekfest opening night party and was interviewed and you can watch it here.

But no resting on my laurels: fall had me working with Stan ("Rita Rocks") Zimmerman on my comedy chops, signing with the Jana Luker Agency, getting new headshots with photographer Joshua Patterson...and finishing sound and final tweaks on DEADLY REVISIONS which we managed to complete just in time to submit to the esteemed Tribeca Film Festival.

So 2013 ends with DEADLY REVISIONS already having an award associated with it and press popping up internationally...and so many of my friends having their own successes all over the place. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be even more amazing for all of us!

As always, I send warm wishes to all you who stumble upon these words.

Be authentic. Be thoughtful. Be fabulous!

And above all else: love.


Gregory at Shriekfest
Gregory Tux Shot
Gregory EOTM Awards Acceptance Speech Photo
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