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2023: The Year in Review
On the red carpet at the BERMUDA ISLAND premiere.
On the red carpet at the BERMUDA ISLAND premiere.

A really rough year on many fronts. But let's focus on the good things...

January started off with a Robby Award nomination for my performance as Roy Cohn in ANGELS IN AMERICA and then the play won the 2022 Los Angeles Broadway World award for "Best Play"! My fun interviews on the The Straight Shooters show also got released. (Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

ANGELS IN AMERICA wins the Broadway World Award for 'Best Play'
ANGELS IN AMERICA wins the Broadway World Award for "'Best Play"!

In February, I won Best Actor in a Drama at the Robby Awards! (Read more here.) Thrilled to reunite with my fellow cast members that night and be surrounded by so many dedicated theater performers and supporters. I also started a new screenplay called THE MYSTERY OF EMMA THORN.

Best Actor Robby Award
My portrayal of the evil Roy Cohn earns a Robby Award!

March brought the world premier of Jason Horton's CRAVING, followed by handfuls of rave reviews, including this little nugget: "...the most memorable performance comes from co-writer Gregory Blair...Blair’s performance is light and fun, filled with scene stealing facial expressions." (Thank you, Influx Magazine!)

As Travis in CRAVING
Bringing the nerdy good ol' boy as Travis in Jason Horton's CRAVING

In April, I finished THE MYSTERY OF EMMA THORN and it gave me the itch to direct, again. So I reached out to some actors and other folks and it looks like it's going to happen!

First poster mockup for THE MYSTERY OF EMMA THORN

May meant beginning to spin the wheels of pre-production for THE MYSTERY OF EMMA THORN. I was also cast to play a role in Adam Steigert's new film OMBIS 2: Alien Invasion. And then the WGA strike began.

Promo for OMBIS 2
Set to play Dr. Hackman in OMBIS 2: Alien Invasion

In June, I was a guest on Paul Zeidman and Justin Sloan's Creative Writing Life podcast (which you watch here) and also on David Lee Madison's The End of The Night podcast, which you can watch here.

July meant promoting THE MYSTERY OF EMMA THORN's awareness and a financing campaign. We announced most of our cast, some key crew...and then SAG joined the WGA in the strike and film production--with few exceptions--came grinding to a halt.

August and September were extremly tough on a personal level, but at least September brought the end of the WGA strike. And I did have a nice interview come out via CANVAS REBEL (which you can read here.)

The brand new Director's Cut of DEADLY REVISIONS arrives!
The brand new Director's Cut of DEADLY REVISIONS arrives!

In October, the brand new “Director’s Cut” of DEADLY REVISIONS landed a new distributor, thanks to the team at Indie Rights Movies! A VOD release preceeds a collector's edition Blu-ray/DVD release which will include cast interviews and extra behind-the-scenes media!

November brought that long-awaited VOD release of the “Director’s Cut” of DEADLY REVISIONS on Amazon and Google Play! And another nice interview came out via BOLD JOURNEY (which you can read here).

TInterviewed in BOLD JOURNEY Magazine!!
Interviewed in BOLD JOURNEY Magazine!

In December, I finally found the primary location for filming THE MYSTERY OF EMMA THORN and was also interviewed on Travis Bruce's HORROR REALM podcast which you can watch here. Oh...and the SAG strike ended as well. So: many reasons to celebrate!

I'll end--as always--sending warm wishes to all you who have stumbled upon this recap. Be kind to yourselves, to others and to animals. Do helpful, constructive things. Be patient. Be grateful. Spread love and warmth wherever you go. We're only here for a short time; make it the best, the brightest and the happiest you can...for everyone!

In fabulously unforgettable!


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