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This page contains 32bit Windows software that I have written (or am in the process of writing) that I am making available for download.

Be sure you have the latest Windows Installer before trying to install this software.

This software is free for your personal use, however it costs me real money to keep my development and operating environment up to date. It also takes a lot of time and effort to write software and host it on the Web. If you find any of this software useful, please consider making a donation.

Adobe® Premiere® Pro Marker Export Plug-In
Version  View details
Adobe® Premiere® Pro Title File Creator
Version 1.1   View details
version 1.0   View details
POV-Ray Density File Editor version 0.51 View details.
POV-Ray Lathe Editor version 0.71 View details.

Premiere Pro Project File Utility
version   View details.
Warning: This is pre-release software and is incomplete.

Premiere Pro Keyboard Viewer
This utility has been superceded by the Premiere Pro Project File Utility.
Timecode Frame Generator
version 1.0
version 2.0
This utility allows you to timestamp your video with SMPTE so that viewers can make comments using the timecode as reference.
Version 2.0 includes new features like counter, date and time, selectable color depth and export to AVI.
Note: The "export to AVI" option creates a "type 1" AVI file which may not exceed 2GB. If your resulting AVI file exceeds 2GB it will not work correctly, in which case you will need to export to multiple AVI files to keep the sizes below 2GB.
Roland LA Editor version 0.4
This utility is for editing the internal parameters of Roland LA synthesizers of the D-110 family, like the MT-32 and LAPC-1 etc.
Roland Generic SysEx Editor version 0.2
This utility will allow you to work with the Roland standard System Exclusive messages used in all of their MIDI equipment. Never calculate a checksum again!
Roland Sound Canvas Display Editor version 0.1
Ever seen those cool animations on the Sound Canvas display when playing some MIDI files? Ever wanted to be able to create an animation of your own? Now you can!
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